Xero Accounting & Invoices

Available worldwide • iOS & Android • 2018 - present

Xero is an accounting software company that began as a start up in New Zealand and has quickly grown to have a user base of over one million paying customers. I focus on the Xero Accounting & Invoices app working mainly on purchases and money going out of a customer’s business.

Xero Accounting & Invoices visuals

My role at Xero is to work within two agile pods (iOS and Android) to improve and deliver the money going out side of a business. This information can be extremely personal, but also extremely different from business to business so we rely heavily on user research, testing, analysing existing data and listening to customer feedback.

At Xero I have been lucky enough to work alongside a team of user researchers to help me facilitate and analyse research that we regularly run.

Xero Accounting & Invoices visuals

Both apps rely heavily on the Human Interface guidelines and Material Design guidelines which means as a designer I am almost completely focussed on the user experience side of the design, rather than aesthetics which creates an interesting challenge.

The app itself has a large use base - of over 250k active users and unfortunately does not yet support many great features currently sitting in the backlog. This creates a challenging yet interesting situation for prioritisation, especially when also considering both technical and design debt.