BPMe for faster fuel & coffee

New Zealand • iOS & Android • 2015 - 2018

BP New Zealand had a vision to transform the way a customer interacts with their petrol station. As UX lead for this project, I oversaw the implementation of coffee ordering into this app.

Sample of wireframes for BPMe Coffee Order

Our focus when developing the user experience was to not take away from the user’s existing coffee order habits. Ordering a coffee is part of most people’s routine, so ensuring that the user can do everything they usually would is crucial.

We ended up running many user testing sessions - both in office and guerilla testing at the station. The smaller guerilla tests offered and quick and easy way to ensure that what we were building was right for our target audience.

The steam animation on the Wild Bean Cafe tab

BPMe Coffee Ordering visuals

Wild Bean Cafe is a well established brand, so when it came to the visual design the key was to emphasise their existing brand in a mobile first way.

Adding small touches like the steam animation on the “order now” button and remembering the users last order was a great way to ensure our user thought “wow” when they used the app.